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Nicotinamide Riboside:
A Supernutrient for Your Cells

Nicotinamide riboside is a groundbreaking ingredient that fuels your body from within.

Your health starts with your cells. Everything you do in life depends on the constant cycle of using and regenerating energy throughout your cells. Scientists have known for decades the importance of a coenzyme (a molecule that binds with proteins) called NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) plays a vital role in the processes of your body. NAD+ helps maintain cellular energy and support cellular repair throughout your trillions of cells—and organs—throughout your body.

Your NAD+ supply declines with age as well as in response to stressors on your body including alcohol consumption and overeating. However, in 2004, Dr. Charles Brenner discovered a naturally-occurring vitamin in milk called nicotinamide riboside. This micronutrient increases NAD+ levels by 40-50%.

While nicotinamide riboside can be found naturally in certain foods, you cannot get anywhere near the amount you need through a normal diet to effectively increase NAD+. That is why we created Tru Niagen®, the only patented, broadly studied nicotinamide riboside in the world.

The objective science behind Niagen® in 15 published human clinical studies.

Our human clinical studies provide our foundation of scientific evidence. Researchers use Niagen® (patented nicotinamide riboside) as the preferred cellular nutrient for elevating NAD+ levels.

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A new clinical study shows that Niagen® effectively elevates NAD+ levels.